In the following pages, you can obtain the list and the detailed information cards of the islands professionals who participate to the "World of Islands".

The detailed information cards of each professional contains, in addition to a description of their activities, practical information, photos, contact information, exclusive offers for the "World of Islands" guests, and should the case occur, a  contact form and a brochures application form.

To gain the list of all professionals, you can use the general search forms below or use the menu on the right for a search by activities. We classified the professionals in 4 main categories : 

  • Accommodation : hotels, resorts, guest houses, Bed & Breakfast, lodges, health spas, private apartments and villas, camping grounds, castles and manors, ...
  • Travel Agencies/TO : travel agencies, tour-operators, tours agencies, sightseeing tours, day cruises, ...
  • Transport : airlines, helicopters, hot-air balloons, cruise ships, motor and sailboats rental, car rental, ferryboats, ...
  • Other professionals : dive shops, local craftsmen, restaurants, museums, amusement parks, ...


If you wish to consult the list of all professionals in a same geographic region, by leaving out the activity, please use the following drop-down menu :

Island or geographic region

If you wish to consult the list of all professionals in a same professional category, by leaving out the geographic area, please use the following drop-down menu :

Professional categories


You are a professional or private owner from an island, and you wish to list your activity on "The World of Islands" website,  please click here.



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