For the moment, we divide the "Travel agencies/TO" section in two groups : tour operators (which organize stays or several days tours, as well as packages) and the sightseeing and tours organizers (mainly of a half-day or a day).
Other activities can be grafted afterward in this section : travel agencies, tourist associations, ....

To gain the detailed information card of the selected company, please use the drop-down menus below.

If you wish to consult the information card of a company, according to its name (by alphabetical order), please use the following drop-down menu :

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If you wish to consult the list of all tour operators and sightseeing tours organizers in a same geographic region, or if you search a specific geographic area and/or a specific activity, please use the following drop-down menu :

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You are a tour operator or a tour organizer from an island, and you wish to list your company on "The World of Islands" website,  please click here.



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